Age Of The Digital First Impression

By November 16, 2015 Inbound

digitalimpressionYou only get one.

When was the last time a first impression with a company was presented in the real world? Unless you’ve never heard of Taco Bell and you just drove by their giant taco billboard for the first time, initial impressions are now entirely digital. There’s a word for how we make decisions about brand identity, it’s called “focalism”. Whether you’re aware of it or actively choose not to be, the concept of focalism impacts your brand on a daily basis, viewer to viewer. Rather surprisingly, many professionals still believe web presence is nice to have but not vital to their brand image or growth. This is an outdated view with many potential downfalls, one of the most prominent being adaptability and relatability.

Think about how we introduce ourselves to new products and companies...we Google it! Every step from your search results display, to your logo, onto your actual website is being scrutinized by unique audiences seeking a service or solution. Following the concept of “anchoring” your viewer, you want that first impression to hit hard and last.

Get in the game.

So how do you go about refining the face of your web presence? First, you can start by creating a brand style guide fit to your industry and reflective of your company culture. This process is typically quite creative and requires a balanced understanding of your key audience and what your brand has to offer.

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