Empowering Your Personal Brand: Thrival Concepts

By February 16, 2017 Culture

emppersonalbrandA few months ago,

Nick at Outspoke prompted me to attend a personal branding workshop here in Denver. My first thought was a bit pessimistic seeing as I’ve been through numerous courses of this format and never truly “clicked” with any of them. This time however, was much different. Thrival Concepts founded by David Momper, was a completely different experience.

The Personal Branding Workshop by Thrival Concepts promotes active reflection while focusing on your goals for the future. You’re prompted to invest time to think granularly about what you stand for, who you want to become and the critical priorities in your life. What does this all amount to? Unraveling what you’ve truly been doing, and how that influences where you’re going. That’s what we all desire, right? To truly understand where we’re headed or where our current career path will take us, but it’s not always that simple.

The workshop results

in you firmly declaring or “charting” your specific action plan for the immediate 3 months (90 days) and defining key priorities for the coming year. Even if you don’t have a solid answer for these charting prompts, you’re forced to truly reflect and investigate yourself, your goals, and what you stand for. David has an unbelievable skill for mindful, meaningful speaking which translates clearly during these workshop sessions. He encourages, if not [creatively] forces you to dig deeper and truly understand the questions at hand and how your answer influences who you are as an individual and/or as a brand.

Thrival Concepts did a number on my brain and my outlook. I left with a sense of self-fulfillment and a hunger to strive for something more. Typically I leave these seminars with a few notes or links or resourceful links, but this time was much different. I was inspired to ask myself more questions, to think more carefully about the words I say let alone who I’m saying them to. If you’re seeking a constructive yet reflective outlet to grow your self-awareness and understanding, and ultimately to charge ahead with focus and gusto, THIS IS IT FOLKS! You can register here through the Thrival Concepts website. If you have any questions David is super prompt and happy to help guide you through any inquiries you might have. Email him at DavidMomper@ThrivalConcepts.com. Enjoy your journey!