Doing it Fast vs Doing it Right

By February 15, 2017 Strategy

fastvsrightEfficiency vs. Effectiveness

What is efficiency? If we were machines, efficiency would be energy input vs quantity of output. For humans it is similar but there are so many other factors involved. Efficiency begins in our personal lives and attitudes. In turn, it goes on to what our measure of efficiency is. Is it based upon quantity or quality? At Outspoke we strive for the best balance of the two. Time is always of the essence, but quality is always the main objective. Any potential decrease of efficiency in using quality as your base is made up for further down the road. The constant challenge for every business is to find the balance between effectiveness and efficiency while maintaining positive employee/employer relations, and ultimately quality of output.Do you need more time?

Do you need more time?

Of course you do! We all do! What a wonderful thing it would be to have more time. But we don’t. We must work with what we have. And the better we can manage it, the better our results. There is a direct correlation between quality time put into a project and the end result. However there is also a point at which efficiency decreases when you’ve put too much time into it and it starts to lose value and efficiency. The study of optimization, time input vs value, is a lifelong endeavor and the main focus of many businesses and financial institutions. For our purposes here we are actively involved with open interdepartmental communication to maintain for ourselves and our clients that precious balance.

Time well spent

What does it mean to use your time wisely? Does it involve being more organized in your personal life so it doesn’t spill over into your work? Does it mean being more organized at work so that your time there is more effective? Yes and yes! It is very difficult to separate personal life from work life, the two absolutely overlap and a sense of being efficient and organized and effective must be embraced as a lifestyle to show the greatest results. Many corporations bring in life coaches and time management gurus to enhance these qualities in their workers. So the question is always there of how to best accomplish this task of increasing efficiency.

It begins with being honest with yourself, and your coworkers, and your clients. Having a good grasp on the actuality of completing a job well done. The real time and effort involved and maintaining a sense of quality and respect for your work throughout, as well as the constant variables which are a part of everyday human life. Are your children home sick from school? Did you just come down with the flu? Transportation. Relationship problems. Did the power get shut down at your office for the day because of construction? And the list goes on. Ultimately we set out ideals and strive to do the best we can both as an individual, and as a member of a dynamic creative team.