How Productive Is Email?

By January 08, 2016 Technology

deskchairThere’s been a lot of talk

this year about email hindering productivity while remaining the leading internal communication platform for businesses. But why limit ourselves to digital “snail mail” with so many tools available to streamline conversations? Maybe it’s not currently in the budget or you simply don’t know where to start. But the question is clear...How Productive Is Email? Slack messaging for teams has a lot to provide on the topic...

Outspoke is a small team with developers working alongside all the way from Colorado to Florida. So how do we communicate as if we’re in the same room? One word: Slack. It’s likely you’ve heard of Slack, the top messaging platform for startups to large scale businesses. Forbes frequently references Slack’s happenings in addition to adding the tech startup to the Forbes “America’s Most Promising Companies” list. Some have even taken the side of “Why Email” or more specifically “Slack is Killing Email” as the company continues its rise. On the surface, Slack is quite simple, an instant messaging system with file transfer capabilities. But it’s fine tuned structure is what makes life in the office so much easier.

One panel is your private chats, these are meant for chatting directly with one other person. Just above that panel you can create “Channels” for invited members to chat in. For instance, one of our channels at Outspoke titled “#SpokeFit” is where we originally intended to share our journeys to getting healthier and in better shape…..unfortunately we have yet to comment on that progress. Our other channels include specific project titles so that information can be kept organized and back-logged for future retrieval. No time wasted determining what message pertains to what project, it’s all wrapped up neatly and totally searchable.Another notable feature of Slack is it’s flexibility in terms of third party integrations, of which is has many. Need it to communicate with your project management platform? Piece of cake. Collaborating payment systems and accounting tools? Done. The full list of palatable apps for Slack can be found here on their website.


You can’t just ditch your email altogether, that’s just silly. But you can relinquish your internal communication from the limitations of email by using a corporate chat platform. As the technology continues to evolve and offer more attractive, time saving features, we are given opportunities to learn new ways of operating. Removing bad habits of poor communication tactics to further your productivity is a step towards building a solid team and work ethic.

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