Creating Sustainable Content

By January 03, 2017 Inbound, Creative

sustainablecontentIs the content you are producing worth anyone’s time? Keeping this question in the back of your mind is a perfect reminder and aid for creating sustainable content that is relevant and worth something next week, next month, or even next year. Content marketing strategy is imperative for reaching these lengthy life goals.

Begin the creating process on an excited note and knock it out of the park for a while. Using quality material successfully keeps people interested. But eventually, without replenishment, that well of excitement runs dry and the quality of material turns to crumbled up trash that’s been thrown in a corner. The situation today isn’t always friendly for promoting new content. The internet continually gets oversaturated with information every day as everyone creates and shares new blog posts, newsletters, articles, and YouTube videos -- the amount of new posts being created everyday equals almost the entirety of our printing history. Trying to stand out in all of this is tough enough as it is, let alone trying to stand out months from now. It’s a challenge to be able to write an article that is shared long enough to be seen the next day, and to beat out thousands of other individuals that tried the same thing.

Creating Meaningful Content

Here are a few tips to help create meaningful and relevant content:

  • Understand how users think and speak about a subject
  • Communicate to people in a way that they understand (here is a link to help with plain writing principles)
  • Stay up-to-date with your information and keep your content fresh and relevant
  • Be accessible to all people, so that all can benefit from your information, but also stay true to your niche
  • Be consistent with saving your ideas and encountered information, because what may not be relevant today could very well be our top story next week. Remember that everything counts.
  • Make sure you can be found by users through internal navigation, and through search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Reflect your goals and your user’s needs through market research, user research, and analyzing web metrics.

A piece of information is worth its weight in gold if you can figure out what will make it last. If the effort is put forth then the right to be found is deserved and with frequency, depth, and quality, the content that is created will be compelling and valuable to online, and offline, audiences.