Nomadic Donuts | National Donut Day

By June 03, 2016 Culture

donutsAs social media has probably informed you, today is National Donut Day. While most of these “National Days” get more ridiculous every year, this one is worth the bite. Let’s be real...who doesn’t love a good donut or 6? We thought it would be fitting to dive into the Denver donut scene while also giving you a bit of history behind these tasty treats.

Homeless Donuts

The classic weekend breakfast treat we love has quite a disputed history. Invented in North America by Dutch settlers, the actual origin of doughnuts stems far beyond America. With traces back to "Dutch immigrants, Russian exiles, French bakers, Irving Berlin, Clark Gable and a certain number of Native Americans.”Smithsonian Magazine, The History of the Doughnut Making the actual creation story of the donut quite convoluted with other pastries that inspired the traditional ring-donut style. But hey, no matter where it comes from we’re still eating them by the billions as Americans...10 billion a year in fact.

We have a really lively donut culture here in Denver, from the standard go-to options like Voodoo Doughnuts and LaMar’s to the local gems like Habit Donut Dispensary and Beet Box Cafe, there’s a donut spot for everyone!

Beet Box Cafe

Vegans rejoice! The entire bakery is vegan friendly and they have of plenty of gluten free options too! Huge selection of fresh, handmade vegan donuts, pies, pastries, pretty much anything your plant-based heart desires. This place is a recent addiction for the Outspoke crew. We can’t resist their delicious vegan pastries, mainly their donuts. Maple frosted pumpkin, double chocolate madness, vanilla frosted, shall we continue? While you’re at the shop, check out their killer vegan lunch menu too, we’re major fans of the Avocado Melt.

Habit Doughnut Dispensary


If you’re looking to get some wildly decadent dodo’s, look no further. Habit has brought the richness of traditional desserts to the donut making process. Blazed + Glazed brioche donuts with combinations like Jumblerry Glazed, Daily Chai, these donuts are super rich and ready to be destroyed. Habit has a personality too, you’ll notice the funny names of the donuts relte not only to what ingredients they entail, but it also sets up the cashier to say “So you have a Bad Lemon Habit” or whatever respective treat you selected. Get your habit on.

Voodoo Doughnuts


We know, this one is obvious. But Voodoo is the capstone place for Denver-ites to grab their morning dozen. With a donut for basically any kind of cereal, flavor or style you want...the popularity makes sense! You can even get a donut in the shape of a monster, but there is something to watch out for….the wait. You’ll want to be creative with what time you visit the Colfax Voodoo as the lines can get down-the-street crazy.

Now that you’re equipped with the highest of donut education, get out there and celebrate National Donut Day!