Our Values - Educate to Empower

By December 24, 2018 Culture

Educate2EmpowerToday we continue our four-part series that delves a bit deeper into our values here at Outspoke. The goal is to give you some insight into what we believe and how we operate. When we talk about culture, a company’s values have a considerable influence on what shape that culture takes. Today, we are focusing on Educate to Empower.

Initially, educate to empower was an internal value at Outspoke. Unlike most companies, we set aside time for education and training with the goal to educate our staff as much as possible. We invest in our employees by giving them the opportunity to become Hubspot certified in different areas of marketing, while continuing to expand and refine many other skills. This gives our employees the opportunity to grow and advance during their time here, which we believe is essential to our company. By carving out time for education, we empower employees to be the best marketer, designer, etc. that they can possibly be.

Internally we took this a step further. Coupled with our value of Radical Transparency, we began to share any and all information with employees that would help them to better understand the “why” and do their jobs better. We have noticed both internally and with clients, when information and knowledge is shared freely, trust and efficiency are the bi-products. Now, let’s talk a little bit about how our value of Educate to Empower has led to improved relations with our clients as well.

After noticing the success we had with educating and empowering our staff, we decided to apply it to our client relationships as well. Empowering our clients by giving them the tools and knowledge they need to be independently successful has transformed our client relationships into a partnership. Unlike many agencies, we try to prepare our clients for life after Outspoke. While we would love to work long term with our clients, we understand every relationship comes to an end. Whether we are designing their website or launching campaigns in HubSpot, we always try to create solutions that our clients can manage independently if they choose to down the line.

Through this process, something amazing happened. As our clients began to feel more apart of the process, they were able to start helping us create better solutions. We have mastered this give and take relationship with Inbound Marketing, brand strategy, digital innovation, and brand activation, which we will now discuss in more detail below.


How We Empowered Our Clients Through Education


Inbound Marketing

At Outspoke, we specialize in Inbound Marketing. Inbound Marketing is personalized, human, and essential in creating the most effective relationships possible. Teaching our clients the ins and outs of why Inbound Marketing works is something that we excel at. Using this, you’ll be able to empathize and understand your buyer personas to ensure that you create the best relationship and product.

We currently use HubSpot to manage all inbound marketing activities for our clients. While HubSpot is extremely powerful, it can also be extremely difficult to grasp due to its complexity. Educating our clients on how to use HubSpot has been extremely beneficial for us and our clients. Being able to show them everything we are doing allows them to better understand the Inbound Methodology and all of the moving parts that create an effective inbound marketing campaign.


Brand Strategy

Your brand is your brainchild and no one understands your brand better than you. We aim to learn the full scope of your brand, working together to create success and longevity. Through collaboration, we can create an inspiring brand story that will attract your specific buyer personas and achieve your goals.

Using what you teach us about your brand, we can focus on resonating with your consumer’s specific needs. If you’re feeling a bit stuck, we also specialize in rebranding companies that are struggling with brand identity and enjoy working to find the branding that best fits you.

By educating our clients and including them in the process, we are able to leverage their deep understanding of the brand and communicate it more effectively.


Digital Innovation

Digital innovation, and more specifically website design, is where we got our start. Long before we solidified our values, educate to empower was already being used heavily with our early website design clients. We believe designing website can be difficult, but managing them shouldn’t be.

During the design process, we always try to create easy to use solutions. We also include training in all of our website design packages, because we don’t feel a website is complete until our clients feel comfortable managing it. While many agencies create future business by making clients reliant on them for even the smallest changes, we have decided to take the opposite approach.

The result? Many of our website design clients have continued to work with us for other marketing needs, such as inbound marketing and brand strategy. Taking the time to educate and empower our clients has resulted in partnerships that last long beyond the initial scope of work.


Brand Activation

Brand activation is a relatively new marketing strategy, so it might seem like uncharted territory. Brand activations take your established vision and furthers your relationship with your consumers by creating a unique and interactive experience. At Outspoke, we have valuable experience with brand activation and we find it extremely important to educate our clients on what brand activation actually is and how they can use it to create a deep connection between consumers and their brand. We believe that deep brand understanding is at the heart of effective brand activation, so we rely heavily on our clients to work with us to create an experience consumers will never forget. Without first educating them, this is simply not possible.


Educate to empower is an essential value here at Outspoke that sets us apart from many other companies. We believe that the flow of education is an important aspect of our culture and strive to have this relationship internally as well as with every client that we work with. Since we have implemented this, we have noticed an improvement in the trust based relationships we have. Going forward, we will continue to educate and empower staff and clients as much as possible, so that their time working with Outspoke encourages them to grow with us.


Thanks for reading, keep tuned in for our next Values blogs.