Small Business: The 'Merican Backbone Baby.

By May 05, 2017 Culture

small-business-americas-backbone-babyOutspoke celebrates National Small Business Week.

You own a business. You know what the fuck is up. Or do you? Well, National Small Business Week is upon us. It is a call to action for our small business brethren to stand up and recognize just how truly important we are for the survival of this country.

This is our time when we get to make show that we, the small business community, are the backbone of American business. We are part of what makes this country so goddamn great.

More than half of Americans in our great land either own or work for a small business. Let that sink in. More than half. If that’s not going to get your juices flowing, consider that small businesses create two out of three new jobs every year.

And we’re not just talking employment numbers here. Take a look at who’s being employed and the picture gets even better. According to the National Small Business report the mix of U.S. citizens being employed screams racial diversity.

In short, small businesses drive one of the largest economies in the free world and we here at Outspoke are proud to be part of that heritage. Outspoke is all about growing small business and creating brand impact all the while creating new jobs.

At Outspoke we don’t stop. We march on, joining hands with other brands across the country in carrying the flag of economic progress.

We all struggle, we all fall down, but do you know what? We get the fuck back up and strike out into the world with our unique visions, aspirations and dreams. We’re part of a community and something greater than ourselves. We are America, and that is important that we know that. Do you want to know why?

Because our fuckin’ country is depending on it.