Teamwork for Project Management

By May 24, 2016 Creative, Strategy

1-2Where We Are Now

The phrase “project management” is fairly straightforward, but how do its elements practically apply to 2016? In one form it is a job title used in a vast array of industries ranging in size and functionality. With new technologies though, the position has evolved in the way it is carried out.

For our project management we use a platform called Teamwork. I should first start by saying that Teamwork has 3 different tools for project management and beyond. We use the “Teamwork Projects”, titled ever so appropriately for its functions. Teamwork gives us an easy yet powerful platform to store files, create milestones, delegate tasks, set billable timers for those tasks and much more. So where to start?

Keep It Moving

The ability to collaborate and share logged times between employees, contractors and clients is essential. But rather than simple conversational communication, Teamwork is set up for information sharing ranging from PSD files to vector images to shared notebooks for easily storing credentials. If a manager or client has an item needing attention, they can simply fill out a "Task" with specific urgency and designate it to the proper person. Plus while safely protecting your files and progress milestones, Teamwork is easily integrated with other SaS platforms and apps.

The ticketing system within Teamwork is one to be noted. Not only is it fully client friendly, but it allows for ease of custom replies. As a request comes in, it is sent to the main Teamwork address designated for that client. Depending on the request, the reply can be transparently transferred to the proper agent or, you can reply immediately. A great feature of the ticketing process is that “merging” tickets has never been easier. No longer do you have to fish out individual ticket items and match them manually with their counterparts. Teamwork allows you to simply select a ticket, click “Merge Tickets” and select the proper request item to merge with.


There’s no question that project management has and will continue to diversify in meaning and practice. But the tools we have available to us can greatly alleviate the potential headaches of manually handling the job. There's a ton of platforms available to you and your brand, no matter the industry, shape or size of your situation. Regardless of which one you choose, the end goal is simple: Removing strain on your production process and help keep the client organized. What does your CRM or project management platform look like?