The Benefits of Visual Composer

By July 06, 2015 Technology

visualcomposerWe get it. Now let's talk about it.

You’re a small business owner or manager. You have a strong sense of how your brand speaks to your customers, and have great ideas about how to continue to strengthen and evolve your brand, improving your engagement -- and returns -- on your customer relationships.

But with the time you’ve invested in developing your business, you haven’t been developing your coding skills. In fact, you might not recognize HTML or CSS if it cut you in line at Starbucks.

There’s a solution with your name on it: Visual Composer. The fine folks at WPBakery have created a WordPress plugin that has revolutionized website development for everyone.

For those who need to build or maintain a website but have never touched code, Visual Composer makes the process totally accessible. And for web design agencies, it empowers every team member to be proactive and responsive in anticipating and addressing client needs in a cost-effective manner. Visual Composer is a great option when working with a professional, as it allows your imagination and your time constraints to come together with their efficiency and expertise, resulting in a unique website that is also easy to manage.

Do you want to see your ideas for your brand presence come to life online? Do you want to have the tools to maintain your website in the midst of everything else required to keep your business running smoothly? Then consider Visual Composer. Below we’ve outlined just a few of the many benefits to integrating Visual Composer into your new or existing website.

Frontend and Backend Page Builder

There are over 100 drag-and-drop elements to build a sophisticated, unique website. And you can skip the cumbersome admin panel of traditional WordPress, so anyone involved in creating or managing your online presence can easily jump in to make changes and improvements. From image galleries to video players, Google maps to message boxes, you can add it all without knowing a single line of code.

Visual Composer Works With Any Theme

Of course, you want your website to stand out and reflect your brand perfectly, in order to create a seamless experience for your customers. Visual Composer integrates with any WordPress theme, and the Skin Builder allows you to fine-tune color schemes to exactly match the look and feel of your brand.

Responsive Design

Most people who look at your website are using a mobile device. Research shows that the majority of internet use now occurs on smartphones. With the variety of screen sizes currently on the market (from different phone and tablet dimensions, to netbooks, laptops and desktops), it is essential to the success of your business to have a website that is beautiful and functional across every platform. Visual Composer automatically ensures that your website works, wherever it’s viewed.

Adding New Elements

Over 500,000 website owners use Visual Composer, and its success has drawn countless developers to contribute new design elements that continually improve and expand Visual Composer. And lifetime updates are free! So as your business evolves, you can add new elements to meet your customers’ growing needs, and stay ahead of the curve compared to your competitors.

Depending on how much time you have to commit to building or maintaining your website, as well as your comfort level with turning your ideas for your business into reality, you can definitely purchase and use Visual Composer independently (it’s only $33!). Or, if you’re too busy managing other aspects of your brand, or want to get expert insight on how you can use your website to creatively and effectively grow your business, consider partnering with a web development agency to get started. Thanks to the efficiencies of Visual Composer, it’s more affordable and cost-effective than ever to get a website professionally built.