We need to talk: Transitions to 2017

By January 21, 2017 Creative

transitionsChange + Forward

The last 8 years have embodied these words not only as the official motto of our 44th President, but as an overall cultural format. 2016 was a bumpy ride for us all, but still brought great possibilities. Stepping into the new year we have chosen to embrace the mindset that things can happen, and we are applying a positive new face to how we tackle the challenges ahead. Change is not always a good thing, and progress is not always for the best. But change and progress is inevitable. When we are faced with challenges, the most productive thing we can do is investigate for ourselves, “Why have things changed? What can we do with this new landscape?” The point being that as our nation is visibly divided across the media and as individuals, it is more important than ever to embrace each other for who we are, as people. There is so much more to the beautiful diversity in this world than our political alignments; we are not separate peoples but rather, we are people with different perspectives.

At Outspoke we understand that mistakes can happen, and flaws are to be had. We all have our imperfections, and that’s what adds to our individuality. The beauty in these messes that we make for ourselves is that we have the opportunity to clean them together, learn, and grow. Leading by example is how forward motion is nurtured, compromising through compassion is how we maintain the momentum. Both as a company and on a cultural level - if one of us goes down, we all go down.

Happy Stuff from 2016

A non-competitive search keyphrase.

The Cubs won the World Series - that’s an underdog victory we can all appreciate whether you're a baseball fan or not. The sheer passion and loyalty of Cubs fans and Chicagoans alike provides enough energy to lift a bus off the ground and send it soaring. Another spec of ‘16 gold we found was that some sneaky, caring Pokemon Go players took it upon themselves to place lure modules (something that attracts Pokemon to the area) outside of children’s hospitals across the nation so that sick patients could play without leaving their rooms. In visual victories, we had a new installment of the Harry Potter world in the form of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them and of course the ever anticipated Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. While the political and social climate was a hot mess, we can take solstice in that our imaginations were treated like royalty this last year.

People we miss

They made us who we are, and will influence generations to come.

As we said before, we’re already on the hunt for positive 2017 vibes and we’ve already found a ton of cool projects doing just that. As our nation is largely pitting itself against our new President, you can already see and feel the coming of a new punk era. Buckle up y’all, visual art and music are about to take us for an anti-establishment ride. (We’d also like to see some hefty steam punk revival too, that’d be great thanks.) Regardless of what emerges and what dies out, a quote from our friend, the leader of The Wayfaring Band, Andrea Moore comes to to the front of our mind: “...This is how social change happens, it’s slow, it’s dirty, it’s messy, it hurts.” Keeping that in mind, how can we make this messy social journey just a bit less rough for the other humans around us?