Why WordPress?

By January 20, 2016 Technology

whywordpressWordpress is the most widely used website platform in the world, plus it has a number of dynamic, attractive features. The benefits of Wordpress can be broken down into multiple categories ranging from ease of training to the direct ownership of your personal content. So Why WordPress for your web development strategy ? Let’s start with the essentials.

Design Freedom

Control over the design and experience is very influential to the effectiveness your website. There are a huge variety of resources available and palatable for integration with Wordpress websites. Whether you are working from an already built theme or you’re taking on the challenge of coding and building yourself, WordPress gives you the freedom to structure your content and page display virtually however you’d like. Plus because it is an open source CMS (content management system), thousands of developers contribute to keeping it as functional and dynamic as possible without having to pay an extra party to do so.


Aesthetic treatments, automated triggers, live chat systems...you name it. There’s an extension or plugin for everything on Wordpress. Depending on the one you’re using, it more than likely will have communication functions that talk to your email campaign or even inventory. Most of the basic extra functions are built right into WordPress. From blogging capabilities to email harvesting, drop down menu support, the internal features of WP make the entire website journey much easier to navigate.

SEO Ready

We know SEO is a big ominous world of algorithms and keywords, but how do we reel it into something scalable? This is another benefit of WordPress websites, the extensive selection of plugins to assist with tasks like search optimization. At Outspoke we specifically use a plugin called Yoast SEO to help optimize our content. Yoast helps you easily identify strengths and weaknesses within your page while also providing an easy method to determine a solid keyword phrase.

Google + Wordpress = BESTIES

Not only is WordPress the most widely used CMS in the world, but it’s also preferred by the top search engine on the planet. Google loves WordPress and with good reason, starting with logic. WordPress is designed very logically from top to bottom, while also being text based...another favorite for Google. SEO is a huge source of activity for Google, and who better to be leading the pack than WordPress with all of the helpful SEO tools and analytics. Last but certainly not least is responsive design. Now that 51% of all internet access is mobile, Google is all about favoring responsive websites over desktop only. Why eliminate a huge potential audience with one version of your website?

We love using WordPress for many reasons but above all, it is easy and effective for our clients. The journey of building their brand together is always amazing but being able to train a client to manage their website on their own is even more rewarding. If you think a WordPress website is just what you need, send us a message! We’d love to see what your goals are and help make them a reality.